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Murtfeldt Guides & Tensioners


Daido Corporation is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Murtfeldt GmbH to market Murtfeldt Guide and Tensioner products in North America. Murtfeldt GmbH of Dortmund, Germany is the leading manufacturer in Europe of a broad range of standard chain and belt guides, slide profiles and custom plastic parts as well as fully automatic chain tensioners patented worldwide.


The Murtfeldt Chain & Belt Guides and Chain & Belt Tensioners all feature the patented Material ā€œSā€, a premium UHMW-PE material offering high abrasion resistance, a low coefficient of friction without the need for lubrication. All of the Murtfeldt Guide and Tensioning products greatly improve chain and belt dive life through the elimination of slack and vibration as well as reducing noise levels.



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Murtfeldt Guides / Tensioners

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