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Daido presents D.I.D New Tech roller chain, designed specifically for the demanding drive train applications of our customers. Each of the four series of D.I.D New Tech Chain offers superior solutions for the most technically advanced supplier of roller chain products in the world, Daido Corporation.


  • D.I.D Ultimate Power Chain Series
    For applications where extra strength, shock load and fatigue resistance is required.
  • D.I.D Ultimate Life Chain Series
    For applications subjected to contaminants or a lack of lubricants.
  • D.I.D Environment Resistant Chain
    For applications subjected to environmental extremes.
  • D.I.D Low Noise Chain Series
    For more comfort and worker friendly chain conveyor and drive applications.

Ultimate Power Series


  • Hi*PWR K Series Roller Chain
  • Hi*PWR KS Series Roller Chain
  • Hi*PWR HK Series Roller Chain
  • Hi*PWR HKS Series Roller Chain
Ultimate Power Series

Ultimate Life Chain Series


  • Solid Bushing Chain (T, D)
  • DHA Chain
  • O-Ring Chain (LLDR, LDR)
  • Sintered Bushing Roller Chain (UR, URF)
Ultimate Life Chain

Environment Resistant Roller Chain


  • Rust-less Chain (N)
  • Hi-Guard Chain (E)
  • Double Guard Chain (WE)
  • Low Temperature Chain (TK)
  • Stainless Steel Chain (SS, SSK, SSLT)
Environmental Resistant Chain

Low Noise Chain


  • Super Low Noise Chain (SLN)
Low Noise Chain

New Tech Series

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